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It begins with making the choice to improve your health! Together, we can make positive changes to your posture, fitness levels, strength, and body composition. We are BCRPA certified, and eager to guide you on a new, more positive path!

There are many forms of training; we will work with you to find exercises that are safe and effective for you and your specific goals. We promise to keep things interesting and to find exercises that you enjoy. ​We will begin with a basic fitness and posture assessment, then make sure you have the proper building blocks for success as we work toward your goals, whether you are young or old, a beginner or experienced.

Exercise alone will not make you healthy. We will give you practical advice on improving your diet in easy to follow stages; no need to begin with drastic changes to the way you eat. And you only need to go as far as you want. But as you begin to see results, you may find yourself more eager than you think to make even healthier choices!
Eating well will give you more energy, reduce or eliminate food cravings, and do more to control your weight than any amount of exercise. It may also clear up some health issues you’ve had so long you thought they were a natural part of life!

For those who are interested, we also offer one on one (or one on two) instruction in self defence through the Filipino martial art of Eskrima as a separate package.
Eskrima is a quick and effective form of fighting that can be performed by young and old alike, and includes unarmed combat, stick fighting, and knife defence.
Our instructor has over fifteen years of martial arts experience, and will ensure that your training is safe and effective.

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