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Program Rates:    Cost/Session:    Total:    Savings:
1 session                  $45/hour         $45            –
8 sessions                $40/hour        $320       $40
20 sessions              $35/hour        $700     $200

(Travelling fees may apply if you wish to train at an excessive distance from our studio.)

If you’ve never tried personal training before, we can set you up with a few free sessions to give it a try, no commitments.  What have you got to lose?

2593 Florence Lake Road, Langford
Victoria,  BC, V9B 4H5
Tel: 250-386-4942


One comment to “Contact Us”
One comment to “Contact Us”
  1. I saw your groupon. I’m interested in trying personal training as I’ve never done it before but before I buy the groupin how many sessions is it? And can I try a consultation first? I want to make sure it’s a good fit.


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