Weight Loss

People seem convinced that if they only exercise harder, and more often, they can lose any amount of excess body weight.  But for the most part,...



It’s a fact that lean muscle mass declines with age, even if you’re strong and fit now. But a simple program of resistance training can help you strengthen and maintain your muscles, giving you a healthy, fat burning body now, and allowing you to age slowly and gracefully into the future.

We offer a variety of training programs tailored to your goals and needs, plus nutritional coaching for a healthier you! Train in our home studio, or have us come to your house, favourite park, wherever you enjoy exercising!

And as a separate program, we also offer one on one (or one on two) instruction in self defense through the Filipino martial art of Eskrima.

5 comments to “Home”
5 comments to “Home”
  1. Hi there. I was just wondering about prices and what type of services you provide? Group? One on one? How long you have been training people? How familiar you are with working with people with injuries?
    Thanks so much:)

    • We offer personal training, nutritional advice, and for those who are interested, instruction in self defense. Our prices are listed on the ‘Contact Us’ page of the website, with discounts offered for larger packages. Typically people train one on one, but if you have a partner in mind it’s a great way to reduce your costs!

      As far as injuries go, it seems everyone that comes in is injured in some way these days, so we are quite careful to avoid aggravating any problems you may have. If an exercise is not helping, we find an alternate.

      We’re happy to offer you a free consultation at our home studio, to see if you feel we’re right for you. You won’t be asked to commit to anything.

      Thanks, Steve

  2. Hi.. I’ve never heard if you. I’m in the neighbourhood behind costco. Looks like your close. Do u have a gym in your house or do u work out of a location?? Let me know I’m really interested…. But location & times are key!!

    • Hi Denise, yes we are just down the hill from Costco, which is so close we sometimes walk there to shop. We have a home studio, exercising indoors in the rain and out on our gorgeous back deck in the sunshine. You’re welcome to come by for a free consultation, if you’d like!

      Thanks, Steve

  3. Hi Steve,
    I’m a physiotherapist in Langford and I have a patient that I would
    like to send to you but she has some specific needs and is very
    nervous to start working out again. I went to your web site but didn’t
    find much information about you so I was wondering if you could tell
    me a bit about your training style and past experience? Thank you and
    I look forward to working with you!

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